In close cooperation with suppliers and customers, the business area offers tailored electronics solutions for the manufacturing industry. The solutions are based on components and systems from world-leading manufacturers in areas such as microwave and shielding, semiconductors,
TFT displays, embedded computors, machine vision as well as storage media. The range also includes special cabling and insulation materials as well as electromechanical components for use in connector, sensor and switch technology.

Market and customers
The business area works under the joint brand EG Electronics and has its own sales offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, UK, Germany, USA, China and India. The customer base spans across most industrial segments, but the largest customers are found among manufacturers of telecom equipment, commercial vehicles, industrial automation and digital signage.  Many of the
customers operate globally and have production facilities in several countries.

Niched products with a high technical content
A large share of the product offering is made up of niched components and systems that are designed for use in customer-specific applications and in demanding environments. EG Electronics therefore works closely with the customers and often in design-in projects, where
the sales staff and product specialists support the customers in their product development with requirement specifications, prototype development, testing and adaptations. This places high demands on the employees’ technical expertise and understanding of the customers’ operations.

Another key competitive advantage is the ability to offer global and effective logistics solutions, which is possible through an efficient central warehouse in Stockholm and a fully integrated logistics centre in Hong Kong.

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Companies and brands in the business area