The Magnetics business area manufactures and sells in-house developed high-performance magnetic components* such as transformers and inductors, which are used in AC/DC converters, DC/DC converters and signal applications. The majority of components are custom-designed for specific applications, but the business area also offers a range of standard components.

Markets and customers
The larger part of operations are conducted in the ETAL Group with sales offices in Sweden, UK and China. Sales are also made through distribution partners in some 20 additional countries. Product development takes place in UK and China and production takes place in ETAL’s own facilities in UK, Estonia and Sri Lanka as well as through production partners in Asia.


In 2018, SIGA (Electronics) Ltd was acquired, bringing some 50 experienced employees and a dedicated production facility in Bedfordshire, UK, thereby strengthening the business area's presence on the UK and European markets.

The business area's customers consist primarily of large industrial companies with manufacturing in several countries. The principal customer segment is the telecom industry and other significant customer groups include the medical, automotive and defence industries, and manufacturers of equipment for power transmission. Because the majority of products are custom-designed for specific applications, the business area works in long-term relationships with the customers and in close collaboration with their development departments.

For more information, visit ETAL Group’s website and SIGA's website.


* Magnetic components are a group of passive components that can be further divided into transformers and inductors.

Transformers are used to increase or decrease the level of voltage and/or create galvanic insulation between the input (such as the power grid in a building) and secondary power terminals (electronic equipment).

Inductors have the ability to dampen oscillations in the electric current that passes through them. As a result, inductors are commonly used to filter out electromagnetic interference in electronic equipment.



Companies in the business area