A few examples of what our business areas has to offer.


Outdoor siren SAEL2000PRO from KAMIC Security. SAEL2000PRO has an aluminium enclosure and is equipped with both a siren and a strobe light to attract attention. The siren has a very powerful sound level of 101 dB (BA Installation & Lighting).

Leakage current tester from Marelco for measurement of direct and alternating current. This leakage current tester enables highly accurate measurement without breaking the circuit, which makes it easy to use in both large and small facilities (BA Installation & Lighting).

The Electronics Business Area has vast expericence and knowledge in the fields of TFT displays, ARM processors and fittings for Human-Machine-Interface.

Junction box for military application, developed by EG Electronics in close collaboration with the customer BAE Systems. In the project, EG Electronics has had total responsibility for selection of suppliers for machining, surface treatment, components and cables, as well as assembly and testing to create the finished plug-and-play unit (BA Electronics).

Auxiliary start receptacle specially developed for Swedish vehicle manufacturer (BA Electronics).

Fuji AIMEX pick-and-place machine, easliy expandable and thus offering an attractive combination of high capacity and high flexibility. Fully expanded, it has a throughput of 108,000 components per hour (BA Production Technology).

Laser cutting of stencil for PCB production (BA Production Technology).

In-house developed planar module for power supply applications. Features a high efficiency rate in a very compact design (BA Magnetics).